• Hypo-, Eu- und Hyperglycaemic glucose clamp technique (Glucostator®)
  • Blood glucose monitoring i.v. and s.c.
  • Long-term continous glucose monitoring (CGMS® System)
  • Insulin sensitivity test
  • Oral tolerance test (OGTT and OMTT)
  • Endothelial function by Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (Endo-PAT2000)
  • Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA, Nutriguard-M)
  • Sonopraphic determination of the sagittal abdominal diameter (SAD)
  • Long-term blood pressure monitoring
  • Lactose tolerance test (hydrogen breath test and blood test)
  • Teaching in computer-assisted insulin therapy for insulin-dependent diabetics (PDA, Freefit®)
  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Broad spectrum of laboratory analyses in cooperation with accredited laboratories
    (parameter and marker of safety, glucose and lipid metabolism, endocrinology, inflamation and atherosclerosis)